Thursday, April 14, 2016

STORY CONNECTION Welcomes Emmy Award Winning Music Composer ALEX WILKINSON!

  Composer Alex Wilkinson joins host Dänna Wilberg and guest co-host, actor Randy Taylor on STORY CONNECTION beginning April 15, at 1:30pm PST. Alex's repertoire include composing music and serving as music editor on over 250 films and television shows. He has been honored with an Emmy Award, two Golden Reel Awards and 7 nominations. Alex talks about composing music for Hallmark, Disney, MGM, New Line, Artisan, MTV and more, as he shares his expertise and stories depicting his fascinating career.
  And the list goes on! 

 Alex began film scoring on Paramount Television’s syndicated series, “The Untouchables”, Disney's "Goof Troop", "Bonkers"and "Disney's Aladdin" followed by “Man’s Best Friend”, directed by John Lafia, starring Ali Sheedy. His lush, melodic orchestral style soon led to further opportunities including the MGM feature, “American Dragon”, “Avalanche” and television series “LA Heat”, "Hollywood Safari" “Stargate SG-1”, “Monkey Magic”, "Sponge Bob" video game and more...
Alex Wilkinson formally studied music composition and orchestration with Antonio Newton. He honed his skills working as an asst. engineer at the prestigious Record Plant recording studio
where he worked with Fleetwood Mac, Dan Fogelberg, The Allman Bros., John Fogarty, The Tubes and more!

  To date, Alex maintains a Pro Tools state of the art studio in El Dorado county.
 Don't miss this informative and fantastic interview with an amazing man!

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Additional air dates: 4/16 at 5:30am PST 4/28 at 9:30pm PST, 4/29 at 1:30pm PST and 4/30 at 5:30am PST.

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